She came to me

Eyes filled with tear and she began to confine to me,

She said

"I fell in love with him because i thought he was best for me,

looking at the entire world in an illusion 

Stuck in the confusion of 

Why God didn't chose something else for me,

Now I wish i ccould grab love and stare it directly into the eye,

Because I promised myself I'd look into the eyes of the thing that causes the Death of me.

I aborted my child after 5 months of my pregnacy,

Knowing it was never in his intentions to be there for me,

And Ayden

our baby boy trappedi n my womb,

fully protected

How dare he allow an offspring of his be neglected.

Well I guess I can use this as my lesson

For letting sex by my obsession

Being more focused on the caressing and affection,

Got me ambushed into depression,

Sicker than an infection,

Because I've missed out on my blessing.

Now he've moved on

And started a family of his own

I'm contemplating about this situation.

He was the one that was wrong all along

So why am I the one that's all alone?

So Now! My relationship status is (Just Sex)

And as I lay there my heart cries each minute

And let me not forget to mention

I was just seeking attention

Wanting someone to remain in my life and never go missing'

One that when I was stressing and Paining and constantly complaining 

He actually sits there and Listens.

Someone that can make me feel at ease,

be a tease,

And keep me in peace all in one touch.

Someone who buys me gifts in my favorite color,

Makes me feel more beautiful than any other

TELL ME POEMS that will tickle my cheeks making them rise from temple to temple

Someone that can make me blush


In the midst of her confining to me

I placed my finger over her feather soft lips and said

"Can I be responsible for your Trust?"


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