The Boy I Like


Maybe the timing’s not right.

Or maybe it’s just not meant to be.

Should I put up a fight?

Or should I let it be?


I keep running into you.

We’re so close, yet so far.

Tell me, what would you do?

Should I close all my feelings in a jar?


We live in the same country, same state, 20 miles away.

Yet, you don’t know me every time you see me.

Before I know it, we’ll end up going astray.

For your heart, I wish I had a key.


I would unlock it first.

And place my picture in it.

Then quench my thirst.

And happily I would sit.


If only it was that easy.

I would have done it years ago.

But sadly, life isn’t that breezy.

People come and people go.


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