There Is More To Me Than "Myself"

'Be yourself.'
I am so many different
At the start of the day,
when the sun has not 
fully awaken herself 
and night still lingers,
I am Calm. 
I am Serene.
I am one with Earth.
In the middle of the day,
when I am aware of all
the souls that I must 
interact with, I am a 
I am a smile when you
need it and a tear — 
right on time.
But at the end of the
when there is just the 
moon to keep me 
company, I am wild.
I am free, 
I am all of the words 
that stick to my throat
throughout the day;
vowels and syllables and
sounds that hid behind my
I am stardust and a girl with
the universe inside of me.
There is more to me than 
Just myself.


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