Do You See


United States
38° 1' 20.4456" N, 87° 34' 27.0768" W

Do you see through my normal eyes to the sadness that lies within
Do you see my unholy spirit that always chooses to sin?

Do you see the darkness that follows me everywhere I go
Do you see into my brain where you can find out everything I think and know?

Do you see into my heart that has been repaired so many times
Do you see into my ears that have heard so many untruthful lines?

Do you see my shoulders that have carried the weight of the world
Do you see my fantasies, my own made up dreamworld?

Do you see my legs that have been running from problems since birth
Do you see my scarcity of happiness; a place where there is a major dearth?

Do you see my pride-I think I left it on the beach of sorrow's treacherous sea
Do you see my history-everything that has happened to me?


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