The first time I saw you, you meant nothing to me
The second time I saw you I forgot your name
It's been eight months since I first met you
You have been very good for me

When I'm around you, it's easier than you think
With you, I live in a simple form.

When I leave I'm forced to show my face to reality
But the happiness I experience with you keeps me here 
Everywhere else I'm prevented from that experience 
But you are one of the best things I could ask for
I appreciate you more than I can express

Please learn to love yourself and your existence
Learn to be as happy as you make me

Eventually we'll be forced apart, that's a fact
I hope by then that things will be okay
I hope by then you'll have recognized your importance
Eventually, we will never see each other again

I promise not to forget about you if you don't
I promise to be grateful for your life

I hope soon you will learn to care for yourself
I hope you will learn your happiness is your priority
I hope you will learn that you are so amazing
I hope soon you will learn how to be happy
I hope you will do more than only survive

Things are going to get better. I promise you that.
Things are going to get better. I promise you that.


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