My Own Form


Lampasas High School
2716 S Highway 281 Lampasas, Texas
United States
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It gets me through every day.

It expresses what I cannot say.

It lets me be someone else,

or helps me to be just myself.


It is at times my enemy, but also my friend.

I am never really sure until my writing comes to an end.

It's constantly changing, always being erased,

But that's what makes it perfect; nothing has to stay in place.


My poems are filled with emotion, all coming from the heart.

Any one reader would be able to tell from the start.

These words don’t just make a poem, they make a door,

A door through which my thoughts and imagination can soar.


So now you understand what poetry is to me;

But if you don’t, I hope one day you will see.

See the beauty in poems that I see;

And get inspired by the same spark that inspired me.


There’s many forms in which you can write.

You just have to find the one that lets you shine your light.

This is my own form, one that hasn’t been invented,

It’s filled with everything about me, which I have now presented.

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