My Darling,

All my life I told you tales about monsters

The beasts underneath my bed

Always telling you they wanted to kidnap me

When in fact they wanted me dead


A malignant cancer cell

A prisoner inside my body wanting to break free

How far can it dig before it is discovered?

A year, maybe two or three


A malignant cancer cell

Hiding beneath what was once my hair

Hydrating itself with every tear I shed

Hoping for a new organ to tear


A malignant cancer cell

Slowed down after very doze

Diminished and absent on screen

Waiting patiently for another expose


A malignant cancer cell

The source of donations and foundations

Where hours of research are spent

Only to reach the same unfortunate observations


Why can no one find a cure?

How much more do I have to endure?


A malignant cancer cell

The one that took me whole

I am sorry this is no longer a tale

I simply lost control

Sincerely, your beloved abuela (grandmother)













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