You Think You're In Love?

Mon, 08/26/2013 - 17:34 -- SicV


When you ask someone how it feels to be in love
How the idea came to be and gave birth in their mind 
In the light of their presence
In front of the person they spent their days with
Shared secrets, stories, and how it gave way to a different type of connection
The sheer blindness of their essence

You compare
Electricity surges through your shoulders, arms and past your fingertips
Your heart is pounding, your blood is racing, and your vision is blurring
Your heart is about to explode and waves of dizziness course through your body
Your brain signals through to your nerves to seize action

You inhale deeply and exhale slowly to gather the air you need
Out of breath as you breathe heavily
Out of oxygen as you sigh inevitably
What you held dear to you is no longer what you seek
You feel like your senses have been numbed after the effects of euphoria and oxycontin
Opiates and narcotics, synonyms for that chemical reaction
In reality, it does not compare to this natural sensation, the exhilaration, and the satisfaction of this discovery
You can’t let it go and you want to stay in this nebulous bliss
You can’t think straight as your mind works its way around these thoughts
They find clues and answers among the mist that has clouded your instincts

Are you about to cry or are you about to burst into laughter?
Is this a heart attack or the emotion that creeps inside after?

The grandest epiphany makes its way to you
You’ve found the meaning of life, as you say, to find love and let it find you in return
To love and be loved ten times more
This cured the sorrows that you spent years ignoring
They left that door temporarily and left you at ease
Your time for mourning has ended as sunrise signals the next morning
The feelings they cause won’t repair the damage that has been done, but you make the best of the most of what you have for now
Your fears may subside as courage and strength collide
You accomplish new ideals as you and your partner combine your efforts to survive
You make new promises that won’t be broken this time
Everything seems perfect in this moment

The only catch to this phrase is that you must fight and stand up for what you found..
Before you ever make the mistake from the past that left you abandoned, head over heels and thrown on the ground


Have you known what love is all along?




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