I write to bleed emotion on this blank piece of tree,to connect to the depths in my mind understnading why. I write to take out aggression on my beloved words; Anger, Sadness,Loneliness, Infuration,Dysphoria, I am the root of my children. I write to pain my adrenaline rushing to the surface to take action on a hard surface. Emotion taking control over me sucking me in this dark Hades world. I write for pleasure,boys like pleasure banging against the skin of a pressured girl, Little girl little girl it feels so good the smile on your face giving you that good ol good good. Ringing with butterflies in your stomach while he has butterflies down below. I wirte to express myself, and others who hide behind the shadows of their true self who are mute externally but are splashing with words internally. I am a closing hole ,a natural disaster, a scorning thorn, they cant take my hold. FIRE FIRE WE HAVE A DISASTER screaming at my face, Supressing my fiesty self cause they cant handle what I bring to the surface.  I wirte to supress my demons , screaming ear to be let out and take control, to revenge all who made fun of me called me bitch, laughed as i pound on the pounds, all who thought i wasnt good enough to be on the Milky Way. My words and my thoughts are what pushes me into tomorrow. I write to tell a story, children who dont know stories when they were young  cause momma was in the alley working from 12am-4am to put food on the table the next day, daddy was in a cell getting penetrated by a cell mate. Kids who teach their self about life are the ones who have a hard time with their minds, breakdown into pieces until theres nothing more. "swoosh ahh" into the air with all the lifeless souls bound to the earth wailing with La Llarona. I write cause i can. i write cause im tired of people wiritng for me. I write emotion, bleed it, live it, smell it be it cause I AM EMOTION.              


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