We Write How We Feel

It takes no time to write if your saying what you feel
As if what you say represents an official seal
To the way that you see and the emotions you have
For the way that you write is proof of what has
What has happened, yes, write in a style
That's indicitave of pain, of error and trial
Or happy with an outlook of a future so bright
While others write only dark as the night
It's what has happened that proves how you speak
Whether by talking of strong or writing of meek
Tell me sadness and sorrow by depth
Sometimes of phrases or metaphors that make no sense
But that's how you see it and no one else can
As it is no the pencil in their hand
It's in yours, you have control of your works
You feel in your heart, that darkness still lurks
But only you have to know what it means
No matter how bad it may seem
Your emotions, now art on this page of decryption
People may read but won't understand, it's deception
Emotion is deception if everyone's unique
The decryption is figuring out what it means
But once they do, they might finally see
How you truly feel, the paper is the key.


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