A pen to stitch the wound

Sun, 06/09/2013 - 22:31 -- cbradsh


United States
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A soul crushed beneath the weight of life
Wings heavy with burdens
Beating frustrations within a cage of flesh
With labored breath and nowhere to turn
Life a gaping hole, spilling across time
The blood seeping
The pain surmounting
Pressure building
Explosion imminent
A rocket on fire
And just before your sight bleeds red
You find a pen in hand
Like a needle on the battlefield of life
Writing to survive
Writing to focus the energy exhausted
Beating upon intangible bars
While injustice prevails
While you are wracked with the
Realities of life
Like panting to keep running
Gives lift to the soul longing to fly
Bleeds the poisons of a life postponed
Pauses the imminent end
Relieves the pressure
Allows the room
To breathe
To live
Writing to set free the insecurities
The could have beens
The should have beens
The wishes
The what ifs
The wants
The unfulfilled
Writing to move on from the past
To hurdle the heart ache
To understand the present and look to the future
Turning pain into possibility
Anger into change
Chaos into action
Into a spark of light
Despair to hope
Hate to acceptance
Pain to peace
Love to creation
Writing your way back to yourself
To live
Simply writing, To Survive


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