Lost and afraid through the depths of your deep blue ocean eyes, but love conquers all.

With your eyes so deep blue  

and the sight of your lovely pale face.         

Oh, you don't have a clue!  

It feels like I'm with you in space.


You've taken my heart.  

You're one of a kind in this universe.

You're a piece of art.         

My one and only first.        


Your whiteness resembles the stars      

like a jewel            

and fiery passion like mars.

When I first talked to you in high school 

I couldn't leave you alone         

with your lingering cologne.   


Without you in this universe,

I'd be at my worst.

Without you,

my life would be reverse.


I was alone and afraid,

until I found you.

Afraid, but not alone



Though, I'm afraid,

I want to take your hand.

Though, I'm afraid,

together we can explore the unplanned.


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