Close to me

Sun, 08/20/2017 - 12:28 -- nearki

I’m in love with the kilometres between us, I’m in love with the distance
Between your eyes and my eyes and your arms and my arms and your place and mine
I like that you like what I like and that I like what you like
Everything that you see, I want to see as well
All that makes you happy makes me crack a smile
Why’s that?

I want to make a free trip to your mind
I’ll create a small home in it
I’ll be able to see everything through your eyes
And I’m sure it would feel so nice
It would feel so nice
To be where you are
Though where are you, exactly?
Across the ocean?
Only in my imagination?

I close my eyes and sigh
Perhaps for the hundredth time
It feels like the only thing that I’m doing so far
To Sigh,
And look away.
All the time imagining that
You are where I am
And your chuckle is the only song that I want to hear
I feel like you are where you are supposed to be
Close to me
And you never tell me that you have to go
In my dreams,
There is no need to say goodbye anymore


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