No lips, Just hands


United States
29° 38' 56.8248" N, 95° 8' 16.782" W

When i speak
the words that ignite a fire in my head
a tidal wave
a tsunami
a hurricane
a rumbling earth quake of what i feel must be heard
just dont come out correctly
stuttering and tripping
insecturity of explination stain the tip of my tongue
forming a wall
a blockade of what i should have the right to say
i have my own army that seals my lips shut because i shouldn't voice my opinion
or at least thats what ive been told
i cannot say how i feel how i see
as if its an impairation ive suddenly diagnosed myself with

i can speak well
just as any normal person
but with certain tribulations or experiences
i cannot form the correct structure of a normal sentence that explains how i feel
although i cannot always speak my mind because of the army in my lips
a small part of my body has grown rebellious to this authority
my hand
my fingers
my pointer and thumb that holds a space for the utensil that stains pages
my hand finds its way to my my mind and even my heart
my hand eloquently portays what my mouth ceases to do
my hand is a bucket that catches all that falls out of my head and melts it onto a blank sheet
my mind drowns the page with all that id be unable to divulge oraly
i speak through the written pages
a tidal wave of ideas endless imaginations constant reminders and feelings
breaks the damn of my mouth
spills onto the page
overflowing through just one part of my body
my hand

i write to say what i need to say
even if i cant in a verbal sense
but i am not a verbal person
hands on
the epitome of my reason of explanation on paper rather than my lips
my hands do what my lips cannot
i need to do
not say
my lips stay sealed
but my mind stays open
my mind and my hand share a connection
that my lips can only seldomly meet
i write because i need to be heard
It is my communication

I write because because my mind has a voice too
I write what its in my head so i don't get lost trying to find my way in figuring all this out
I write because although i cannot taste what i think
i can feel it
And if i feel it i must show it
I write because spoken words fail me
I write because i must set free whats in my mind
To keep it trapped would be a cruel punishment
I write because i can
Because i don't need a reason but i still give some

I write because it sets me free from the cages in my head


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