to my father

Tue, 09/24/2013 - 12:45 -- lgowans


dads, i've had some
daddy's, more than one
misters i've had tons
but i've never had YOU...
gone before i could blink
never did YOU think
what will happen to the girl
I leave behind
shoveling through YOUR mind
lost memories and time
that i spent crying in search of
deep behind a smile
the clock unravels a mind
that from the loss of time
is damaged to the core
wanting to love no more
hiding sorrow behind a locked door...
did YOU ever want me?
did YOU ever need me?
did YOU ever cry the way i did?
no not YOU...
as hard as a stone bad to the bone-yet
i let YOU in with open arms
deep within the storm
my heart pounds once more
opening the door
to a brighter beginning
surely i'm winning this battle
of unknowns
two strangers united once more
so surely YOU'LL adore me
for the wonderful daughter
i am...and YOU
the father YOU always
wanted to be...


The Dollar Dad

I thoroughy enjoyed your piece

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