Daughter with Heavy Heart

Wed, 05/21/2014 - 16:50 -- cleak7


You treat water better than your own blood.
I might as well be mud
Am I a disappointment to you?
I don't feel our relationship is true
Birth certificate says your my mother
But seems like your just another
Never can get my feelings out
Because all I'm going going to get in return is a cuss out
I'm respectful,
I'm truthful, but you don't see that because of other bull.
As in bull , I mean the past,
The stuff you are holding onto and making it last.
I'm sorry for lying at times, but for you to keep treating me like a child, is just a crime.
I see how my other friends have relationships with there moms
And it makes me feel some type of way because of what we have become
I'm sorry that some of my choices are not your liking
But that doesn't mean you shut me out, because I'm still a human being
I'm try to make you proud,
But once again, if one thing is wrong, you automatically get loud.
Most of my tears  are because of you, I bet you didn't have a clue
I have kept this in for awhile,
But I think you need to know this before it comes more of a pile
I have one more year here,
And I don't want to spend the rest of my nights in tears
I really do thank you for all you do,
And I hope this poem makes you see the truth

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