Reflections of a Man


Writing a poem is a grand expression Of the man I am and the one I want myself to be Words become lines, lines become poems, interconnected like brush strokes in a painting or the individual notes of a favorite song These words that capture my heart become captured on the writer's pad a reflection of who I am and the man that I aspire to be I write because it's a way to express the thoughts and feelings of a man - a man named Joseph Conciatori - who aspires to be a greater man - the one I want myself to be  



I wrote this poem to express my thoughts about writing poetry.  I was introduced to poetry through my uncle John LaSusa (my father's sister's 2nd husband), who is a published poet and a retired English teacher who taught at Yonkers, New York from 2000 until his retirement last year.  I learned to write as a reflection of the young man I am and the one I aspire to become, hence my latest poem, "Reflections of a Man". 

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