Faded Into The Sea


I should be happy 
But for some reason I'm sad 
I can't understand the game you're playing 
It feels like we're on different levels
You're funny, cute, and awesome 
But I can't seem to feel what I've felt before 
It has now faded into the sea
Lost and probably never to be found again 
I can't understand why I let go 
I guess I just don't feel it anymore
I'm not so sure 
I'm sorry 
I feel horrible
Even though I'm not all to blame
You were just too late
Sailing your boat towards me but never getting to shore
Tried too little maybe
Either way we will never be 
Because I've faded into the sea 
And you're now sailing away 
Don't bother rescuing them 
They're gone
They drowned with all the thoughts of you and me



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