I Love You That's Why.

     I love you so much that I forgive every wrong thing you do. I don't question

you anymore. You remind me you love me but your actions sometimes

contradict your words. I love you that's why I don't stay mad at you. 

I don't speak about our problems because my hands starts sweating, 

my heart starts beating and my face starts blushing. I look at you and wonder

why I let this happen. I was young when I cried for you to stay. Now, I'm 

questioning if it was the right thing to do. You're starting to lose me but I love you 

that's why I need you. I don't want to lose you because I have been with you

all my life. You hurt me but you hurt my mother the most. You will never

lay your hand on me but your words hurt just the same. I beg for you to stop

drinking and start putting my mom first. You tell me you love me but I'm starting

to not believe it. I love you so much that I'm confused about my feelings.

You confuse me with your actions. I'm thankful for you but I wish you were better

just like you were when I was kid. Dad, I love you that's why I still need you. That's

why I don't want a man like you. I don't want a man to grow up and do what

you're doing now. I want a man who's opposite of who you are now. Don't

take it personal it's because I love you that I don't want to go through it

again. You taught me lessons that I will remember forever. I will always

love you dad after all, you gave me everything I could ask for. 

You just slowly started to go against what I know. You're not an awful human. 

Your mistakes are not putting me in danger. When your drunk you become

a dad that I don't know. You always apologize for what you do. I'm glad you don't 

hurt me to the point where I hate you. I love you so much for the great thing

you taught me, gave me and do for me. I will forever be proud of you. 

You are slowly accomplishing your dreams but you still are learning how 

to be a great father and husband. I believe you will be amazing again.

So, it's okay because I love you. 


This poem is about: 
My family


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