My Thoughts

Thu, 01/02/2014 - 10:31 -- gen0gen

Unrequited feelings may seem like the end of the world

a B may seem to taint my report card

a fear may seem to become reality

and life just may seem too hard


Let it go is I what I say

get over it, it's no big deal,

but my thoughts replay in my mind

and i really can't help what i feel


But I try to consider everything a blessing

even the wrongs I've done

because there is so many reasons to be happy

like the sky itself and its upcoming sun


in the end, i know what i have

I have God, my family, and friends

there is no real reason to hold grudges

and instead I choose to make amends


I'm content with my life

who is in it and what I do

but I wish to do even more

something worthy and more meaningful too



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