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The pain that I felt over the years

The kind that brought those silent tears

The more I saw my heart break

The less of a women in myself I thought I could make

Many times I thought I fought my love

But the more I set myself up to shed blood

I remind myself that I shall be great

But at the end of the day I haven’t opened that gate

The gate to success is closed in my head

Because every time I it comes by, I just sit and look instead

I let people use me for the wrong reasons

I feel like I am apart of a treason

I am against everyone and no one seems to trust me

Why should I believe that is the key

Am I that dangerous, with no outlook on life

Stabbing myself with a dagger, cutting my heart out with a knife?

I feel so empty inside and

I wanna fill that space

And just erase

Never go back to the place

Of lies in my face

Blaming things on the thing that holds you back

Saying that their not something when it is a fact

I found someone that I treats me with care

But the drama that comes along he doesn’t wanna share

I understand that he wants to leave those things

But in order to love someone he has to know what it means

Through the thick and thin and the tough times

The togetherness and having one mind

But feelings will conquer love will win

Because true love has no end

I write down the words to express how I feel

And I can stay in the world and comply with the deals

Life has given me a different point of view

When you put words on this paper they can see inside of you

Do you see what I believe we can make

A future to build with no mistakes

I want to be great and to satisfy my needs

Because soon my wants will soon come true because I can succeed

I want a better life for me and you cant you see

But what I really want is for you to believe in me



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

we go through rough times in our lives

its what one does that permits the drive to continue

overcome adversity, love yourself, and tell yourself that you are beautiful

this poem is beautifully written

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