Nightly Thoughts

Fri, 08/30/2013 - 04:17 -- Jgbodai

Intrigued, intrigued by life I see everything surrounding me. I feel it too. I went from learning to tie shoe to being able to choose.. Choose who it'll be I'll see in front of this country.. Ain't talking U.S. when they talking bout Us man.. Foreign status, taking the lead. Not much I don't see. But that I keep lowkey. Because no one need to peep. Lookin for someone to see the true me. The great guy.. With good  intentions, man I think I have hypertension with all these thoughts fluttering on my mind I'm wondering where my pen these doubters my penman..then ship off.. I'm off to where my goals are. Look higher without gettin higher man tired of this old stuff.. I want some mo stuff.. They stay actin like I don't know stuff.. Perhaps it's time I proved em wrong. No, not through a melody of a song but my these potent poems that'll live on.


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