too drunk inght nwi

Sat, 07/11/2015 - 00:36 -- lizann

i feel no pain right now but um sure im sure i will soon

with my heart slwly breaking becyase uts bekiongs to you

and i wont remenbrt this in the morninging

how drunk or how sad i was 

it tore me and my eart in half like it was nthing

so thats why im here to feel something 

drinkng may make you slppy and incoherent

but for some reson when im like this youre all i hear 

but my heart is split becuase of who i care about

nothing matters until someone cares about youre whereaboust

so when i get you back my life willl be back

but my heart sure is cracked i sure as helll know that

but the ilberty beell is crackd to 

and its a natipnale monemnet to me and to you

 im too drunk to write or even to think 

but for some readon my vison of you is of pink

 adn gold and red

qith passion and love is what i feed in my head

i hope that one day you will see

that im a fuck up bit thats okay to me

so accpet me and all of my misspelled sloppy thouhts

 im too drunk rigght now to even stop

my mind is running a mile a minture right niw

i just cant wia tot get out of this town 


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