The days

     The days are getting shorter and shorter, and I just don't know how much longer
I can hide it.

      When we first met up, I never expected to have cared so much about you. 
Because to me, we were just kids that knew each other in the neighborhood. No 
personal connection, just kiddie friends. 

      Maybe growing up, I was never exposed to a right kind of love, because my
definition of it is far more different. But now I know.

      Because I love you, I will do whatever it takes. Because I love you, I'll stay up
for hours, making you numerous gifts with my bare hands. Because I love you,
I will partake in anyactivity, so long I stay by your side. Because I love you, I will
never abandon you, because you never abandoned me. 

      Because I love you, you can cry around me. Fall into my arms, and I will sing you
a song. Because I love you, you get my undivided personality, for it is something
not everyone sees with the naked eye. Because I love you, I will give it to you

     Because I love you, I will write a book about you. Because I love you, I dream
sweet dreams, where your eyes shine, and your smile glows. Because I love you, 
your success matters to me. You deserve the absolute best.

     Because I love you, I can't imagine my life without you. What would have
been a banal, gray world, has been influenced because of you. You make me feel
safe, and secure. What will I do when I have to go? How will I live my days when
I know that I'm miles apart? More importantly, will I ever get the chance to tell
you, just how I feel?

      Guess I lied when I said you have all of me. For I hide away my feelings,
and as much as it hurts, I would rather hide them away, just to keep you close,

      because I love you.

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