Thoughts are feelings in your mind, conjured by emotions and reactions you feel inside.

No wait.

Thoughts are voices in your head that you keep from having a sound from your mouth

No wait

Thoughts are imaginations and fantasies you make even with believable truths, they’re still fake

No wait.

Thoughts are words in your brain that you contain

It remains in your throne and just when, you’re full of thoughts, you tell it with a pen.

What you’re hearing now are my thoughts

The catalyst of who I am and who I’m not.

The emotions I expressed that will eternally be worthless.

Worthless to you and to the people who hear this

But wait, if my thoughts are worth less than worthless, than it must be priceless

You see, my words can’t be purchased

So taking these words from me would be taking my purpose.

I don’t mean buy my words with papers that apparently can buy happiness.

No I mean by the complimentary feelings we share.

One that can easily buy my words and care.

May I remind you that these words are my thoughts.

So if you ever say that my words are not me, then you can put my neck between a knot

Like it or not I’m at the spot

The spot high and mighty where my thoughts aren’t taken lightly

Freedom of speech so no restraints

My thoughts could even be worship by Saints.

Words of wisdom, thoughts of truth.

No wait

It’s words of the wise

And thoughts that can’t be denied nor defied.

Nor can it be limited by the height of the sky.

If there are really footsteps on the moon,

Then I’m giving up my thoughts too soon.

So no one can tell me to limit my bars

When I can be writing my thoughts till I pass mars and flow beyond the stars.

No limits to my thoughts.

I can have one verse that represents the thoughts of people around the world.

That one verse making it universal.

My goal is to earn respect through others by my thoughts

By my words and my actions.

Don’t be discouraged cuz I’m tryna earn yours.

This is how I want us to lean towards

I’m looking forward to the day of peace and harmony.

But remember that these are my thoughts

It’s just how I envision the world should be.

And I know I’m not having these thoughts only. It’s funny cuz I don’t feel as lonely

Because my thoughts are also thoughts of many.

Especially the People with thoughts like me

It relates so great that my mind creates doors to a better reality that shows love and no hate.

No pain. no sorrow.

And my thoughts can keep me writing to tomorrow.

So may I remind you that what you’re hearing are my thought

So if you ever say that my thoughts are not me, then it’s your turn to tell me your thoughts and make me believe.


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