I wait and I falter,

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 03:50 -- -AE

I wait and I falter,
I'm going to suffocate,
unable to breath,
I cry silent tears but they make an impact,
rushed away,
well I tried to hold it at bay,
but my conscience made me unable,
spots scatter my vision,
"A mental breakdown perhaps?"
"I cant tell may be we should....blah blah blah"
for sure a goner,
best friend appears at the edge of my foggy vision,
"she is having an attack! are you going to do anything?!"
beeping and a cold jolt awakens me from my sleep
how long has it been?
why cant I move or speak?!
unable to make my consciousness known,
I stare and soon am overcome by a large, dark shadow;
I could have sworn it was death himself,
coming to take me for all my sins;

left for dead but saved by an angel;
the most unlikely angel;
my best friend.

a panic attack,
they happen all the time but mine almost killed me,
for no one knew what was wrong,
except my best friend who knew just what to do.


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