Living Within' a Blur

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 21:52 -- jdarby


Has there ever been a point in your life

Where you say

This is not me

This is not who I am

And this is not what I want to do

But even though you feel this tug at your conscious

Even though you know what’s right and what’s wrong

You can’t explain it

That’s called living within’ a blur

Where everything’s not clear

You can’t even hear

The scream and shouts of your heart

As your blood clots and you’re pounding your chest

Just to get it to start

Even though life doesn’t even seem worth living

Here in this fantasy

Where each day is killing

Another side of you

Just like you’re wasting your time, playing the game Clue

You wonder what it is

But secretly you know exactly what’s going on

And you cry up to the Heavens,

“Something is wrong!”

But even though you’re tearing up some vocals

There ain’t no one that can hear

It’s like they’re looking right through you

Might as well carry some bifocals

Cause pain is pain

No matter how severe

And yet there’s some that roll their eyes

When you try to find comfort

And trying to hide

But wait, here comes another day

Maybe it won’t be the same

Maybe something will go right for a change

But wait no

Fairytales don’t exist

You’re just another person on somebody’s hit list

Cause’ this hell that you’re living in

Is all that you know

Someday you want to cool off the heat

And wish for snow

But only a few raindrops appear

Not enough to clench any thirst

Suddenly it’s crystal clear

Believing in miracles ain’t gonna get you anywhere

Might as well drop to the deck

And cover your head

While making sure your body is in check




I tried to dig deep within' my self-conscious to find what I truly wanted to write about.

I realized that I had a few anxieties, that suffocate me and suck the joy out of living.

I used these as inspiration for my poem.

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