You’re always on my mind

When we don’t talk, I feel nostalgic and I want nothing more than to be around you. I long for you, why I’ll never know. I want these nostalgic, longing feelings to go away, but at the same time, I can’t let them go, they seem to be apart of who I am. 


When we are apart and you want not to hear from me, I’m stuck in a paradox of melancholy that I cannot seem to climb out of, like a sadness that just over comes me, and even if I try with all of my might, it won’t leave my mind. You make me weak, but strong when we’re in the light. 


You would believe that my feelings would be lucid, but for some reason you don’t seem to believe me when I tell you how I feel. Maybe my feelings aren’t lucid enough, but how do I explain it to you more when I feel secluded from your thoughts?


Your voice alone can put me into hypnosis. I’d listen to it for as long as you’d allow me to. But this hypnosis isn’t a scary one, it’s more like one I’d ask to be in because I love the way you sound when you say my name, I love the way you laugh at a funny joke, this hypnosis I don’t care if I ever get out of. 


Part of me wishes you’d give me your empathy because so often I am left wondering where your head is at when it comes to me. I want to understand you, and I want you to understand me too. But your empathy is almost no where to be found, and I can’t force it out of you... 


When it comes down to it all, I feel dubious that we will work, or that we will ever be more than friends. Doubt clouds my head, and I don’t know what to do anymore because you don’t want me, like I want you....


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