" To Be Heard "


Everyday it's the same thing

I look at you- you look at me,

We laugh at all the craziness 

around us

I text you " Hey " or " i just seen the 

funniest thing and it made me think 

about you '

And you still can't catch a hint?

i'm madly inlove with you-

wait, scratch that i'm in like with you.

I come to school everyday to learn, 

and of course be next to you-

I mean hey you're like so perfect,

but you just can't seem to notice me.

I feel like a teenage girl when i am around 


i'm 18 years old and act so 6th grader-ish around


I think that we could be more than just friends

heck at this rate i feel like an associate,

i really want you to hear me out

because, i do not express my feelings often but

for you i can make a change.

We are like an infused entity, the same soul, a hole in

one !

can't you see how perfect we are together?

But, of course you will never know how i truly 

feel about you,

Because, i'm writing my emotions down on paper

ehh.. this sucks majorly because i want to be HEARD!

i want you to HEAR me pour my heart out to you,

i want you to FEEL the emotions i feel,

i want you to SENSE the connection that we have.

i just need you to listen to me not physically

but emotionally.

pay attention to my actions, 

the way i sway towards you in the morning,

the smile i flaunt just for you every time i see you.

just listen to my body laungage because,

baby best believe it talks!

it's so hard  " TO BE HEARD " but then again

i'm not talking to you, and your ears are not listening 

for the silent wind that comes out of my mouth.




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