Why I Write: Where I'm From


I am from a big city to a small town.

I am from the green eyes of my broken hearted mother.

I am from the epileptic father,

taken hours after my birth.

I am from the drunken, broken promises of my step father.

I am from the dark clothing in my closet.

I am from big dreams that may never be.

I am from keep your distance and be patient.

I am from my mother's sewing maching needle pricked fingers.

I am from the pencils thrown away before they are finished.

I am from the tears never shed and the books half read.

I am from the promises never kept.

I am from the ignored and hardly chosen.

I am from, "Stay away from her" and, "You'll never accomplish that."

I am from the not so beautiful and forgettable.

I am from the googled meaning of dreams and DVD releases.

I am from the inspired to live a good life.

I am from the imprisoned brother asking for forgiveness,

and the mother who forgave long ago.

I am from the belief in a higher power that may or may not

be watching over me.

I am from my own mind,

as crazy as it makes me.


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