Why I Write

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 16:36 -- lyp4

feelings can be hard to keep hold of sometimes
it's sorta like when i was younger and i'd try to chase the moon from the car's backseat
or similar to that one time i had a pink balloon but a itch on my back forced me to give it to the sky
but there are these magic things that make them permanent on paper and in hearts
at times these things are inked or typed or spoken or just thought
words, yeah words i believe they're called
and they commune together but only under instruction
and they get to work trapping feelings but letting them breathe just enough to formulate the right sentences and phrases
these words are my truest allies for they navigate me through life when breathing the feeling gets to be too exhausting
they life my hands and turn the notebook papers in my green book and dance with the pen and somehow poems are birthed
where would i be without words?


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