The Weight of A Heart

When you grow up you realize the heart comes with a burden
You will see it now how blind it was back then
The responsibility to have your heart can only be taken on by one
The heart starts beating before you even know what's begun
With great love comes great pain
You live and you discover how to stay sane
Do not blame cupid for your own mistakes
We all have to learn when to hit the brakes
Sometimes life gets you down, makes you feel terrible
That one person will come around they make it less unbearable
Accept them as a whole just as they are
You might not see it yet, you could be blinded by a star
The burden of a heart can be bad or good
It really comes down to whether or not they understood
Understood what you've been through and the trials you've overcome
Put their head on your chest so they know your heart beats like a drum
Not only is it beating for them it is also beating for you
You awake tomorrow not even realizing how much your love  grew
Do they know the weight of your heart?

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