Stuck in the Worry

Can't. I just, I just... Can't.
Now there's no one around to hear this rant,
and even if there was, I wouldn't let them. 

Because nervous, I'm nervous
Too anxious, every morning, all the time - it starts to drown me.
Suppressed and stressed, engulfed in this never ending sea

Of worry; I worry.
Too much of all things around me; everything: 
chores, money, my parents, my siblings, my friends, my future, love, religion, strangers-
     Literally anything

Calm, I need to be calm
But it's just terribly hard when you don't belong 
Here in this house you've called home for many a year.
     It just makes me so sad. 

So weep, I weep
Day after day, time after time 
Going through the motions, saying I'm fine.

In reality, everyone knows - they all know
That this isn't it, I am in no way fine, no. 
But we can carry on
     As if there's nothing wrong.

And that's okay, it really is okay
Because when you see me, wrapped in anxiety I just feel troubled.
Troubled? No, well yes - but in trouble. And the feeling soon becomes doubled.
     As reality is warped with anguish and multiplied. 

Maybe it's me - it's probably me
I don't very well like myself, you see, and so I worry
That you dislike me as well, as I'm sure you do, positive you do
     And with that I guess it makes two.



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