After My Bubble Bath


United States
33° 9' 16.2612" N, 84° 22' 30.8388" W

After my bubble bath
I lie on my bed naked
In a pure form
For I know that this body is mine
And no one else may have it unless I will it

After my bubble bath
I feel my heart beat, strong
Its rhythm courses through my body
Moving each vein in time with the beat
Only I can feel it, it needs nothing else to complete it

After my bubble bath
I close my eyes
I feel myself spin gently like on a familiar carousel
Knowing my past is mine
No one knows this story better than I

After my bubble bath
I turn my head the other way
The curves of a new road shake me with the uncertainty of my future
I am the only one who has seen this map
I know it best

After my bubble bath
I hear the music in my background
It sounds a chapter of my story
My story is like no other
My story is not over

After my bubble bath
I finally open my eyes
I lie on my bed naked
In a form that is now called unclean by twisted morale standards of how one should be
The heart beat fades by the onslaught of obstacles called stereotypes that attack me daily
My eyes are opened from the realization of my faults in the past
The spinning stops from the fears of my future and how it may disappoint all those expectations
The music is drowned out by the lives that I must compete with around me

After my bubble bath



Just how I felt one night, actually wrote it in my bath. Try nudity sometimes, its a lovely feeling.

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