Hey there

Do you hear me calling out to you?

Do you even know my voice anymore?

Calling, begging you to not walk out the door

You were the one

The only person I could trust

The only one that I still loved

And it’s not fair

It’s not right for things to fall the way they did

To break apart, leaving the pieces shattered

Glittering like glass on the cold ground

I’m lost without you, can’t begin to bear the sound

Of your car in the driveway

The songs that we would play

When I’d lie there in your arms

Everything I hear reminds me of you dear

And it’s not the first time

It won’t be the last time

That I wished you were here

That I dreamed you were near

Could almost feel the ghost of your arms around me

Holding me to your side

Almost every night that I would cry

Do you even notice

The way my eyes won’t leave you

The way that I can’t seem to

Bear the thought of being without you

I know that you’re leaving soon

Going on to better things

And leaving me behind

But I can’t hide

What I feel inside

And it’s something I’ve tried to quit

But I can’t help but to admit

That I still love you

I still love you

And I’ll always love you


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