Mourning the Loss of a Poinciana Tree


With the poinciana tree in view, I’d at my window sit,

Starting the day in meditation made the tree a perfect fit.


Yesterday morning, the tree loppers came,

Watching them made me feel almost lame.

In one roaring chainsaw cut, the green tree fell!

Now I grieve as if under some kind of a spell.


On many hot summer days in years gone by,

Bright red flowers stood out against the blue sky.

Now just an empty space – it makes me sigh,

I take a deep breath, but could almost cry.


In a way, life is like the now gone poinciana tree.

We come to earth – to make choices we are free.

Hopefully we grow, bloom, and to others bring cheer,

Till the day we leave behind those who to us are dear.


With a good heart and actions sweet,

May we our purpose of serving others meet,

And the most of this brief earthly existence make,

For one day, our last breath we all will take.


We are on this planet for just a short time;

To waste it would be sad and almost a crime!

But, if we have used our opportunities well,

There is no way of the future glory to tell!


Like the tree, we too may meet an unexpected end.

So let’s not take things for granted as we often tend.


Alex and Eva Peck.

(A summer’s day reflection)

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