Dissociation's Disbandment

A year ago I had been frozen.

The frigid frost had seeped into my mind,

Spread into my heart no matter the obstacle I had set before it

And I could not stop all my senses from becoming numb to the world. 


A year ago I had been lost. 

The crisp cold that had spread throughout me 

And numbed my senses had also left me groping for some kind of path

That refused to show itself through the veil.


Sometime ago I had breathed.

I took a breath of bliss that gave me a glimpse 

Of paradise and a glow that thawed my heart

And opened my mind.


Sometime ago I was freed. 

That breath I took had blown away the veil

To show me the wonder of being alive 

And all the crossroads that were to be created.


Now I am alive.

I can feel and breath, wonder and sense,

and appreciate the shimmering ice that

Reflects the hues of the aurora 







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