At first school made poetry seem like a bore

All the poems I had read just made me want no more

But in the end I understand that I had been at it all wrong 

At the time, it hurt my mind, and some poems were way too long

But freshman year, my English teacher said,

"Now I know that you may think poems are boring in your head,

But it's not what you thought, so just give this a shot,"

And she showed us a video where poetry gave us all it got

In a poetry slam, and those poets---damn!

Showed us that poetry is alot more than 

Just rhyming and timing and counting your syllables

But expressing your thoughts and making them livable

So here I am, and though it's poetry I write

I know some people may think that I'm not qualified or right 

About the meaning of poetry, or what it's meant to do

But the beauty of poetry is that it's made for me and you

So do what you want with poetry, 'cause it's where

It could be truly anything as long as you care

Write what you feel, or write what you know

Just sit down, turn around, grab a pencil---here we go!


This poem is about: 
Our world


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