How do you feel

Mon, 09/21/2015 - 21:28 -- nesje11


You're Bestfriend 
& My Bestfriend 
Are a couple
But we turned into trouble
When you smile
It's seen from a mile. 
Your sexy hair style,
Comes in sight Once in a while. 
Eyes As blue as they can get, 
Are never ones to forget. 
When I say your name,
It's like it's on the wall of fame. 
The first drunken night,
I woke up with a bite. 
Memories were faded,
But I knew I upgraded. 
I want to forever,
Be your one true lover. 
Even if the time we spend,
Was to just be a good friend. 
I kept my distance,
But I'd be there in an instant. 
Your Bestfriend said things,
That make me want to spring. 
Drunken night two,
Was new for you. 
The night's cuddling,
Felt so damn loving. 
The feeling didn't want to end,
But I hoped it'd be a new trend.
The things that happened those nights,
Were unnormal sights. 
You can't admit,
you're afraid to commit. 
But I will say,
That I'd stay. 
No worrying needed,
Because you succeeded. 
Things would be perfect,
No neglect. 
Tell your feeling,
Tell your dreaming. 
I'm listening, 
To every heart beating. 
How do you feel,
With this ordeal. 
I want you,
The feelings are true. 
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