Don't Tell Her I Wrote This About Her

In all my 19 years,
Through fears, cheers, and massive clears,
I would have never imagined I'd be sitting here mirrored.

It was so long ago,
Where she spoke and I sat, engulfed in her wax,
My mind lost but still intact,
I knew not, but that was just a fact,
She knew me and I knew her,
We spoke words that endangered the thoughts of those who could never know true feelings,
And even now with miles apart our slick tongues are so close at hand,

It was all such an instance,
When she spoke and I listened,
She said to me, "Don't ever let me forget you"
Now at first I didnt understand,
For no one has ever spoken that turn of phrase my way
So I thought the meaning was lost to stay.

Until this day,
Our day,
The farthest day.

Out of all the girls that I knew,
A repeated phrase that they thought was new,
"Don't you ever forget me," would be how most would put it,
And just as it was, I never forgot them,
But on the otherside of the knocking door,
Just another stranger tracking mud on their floor.

But the one girl who knew a phrase,
Who spoke with me even when my shell stayed unfrayed,
We had our games that we played,
Out lines that we sprayed,
The tags we both paid,
But we had no price,

At least not for me,
For to be in her sight, it felt right
Even if only for a minute or two,

it was all right, since it was her who made the moments time proof..


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