All I wanted was to feel wanted.

I thought you felt the same way, but the feeling wasn't mutual.

If anything, it probably never was. 

Out of it all, I was probably a piece of ass.

Since that is probably the only thing you think about.

The fact that you didn't call or text back after I gave you a part of myself, hurt a lot.

But I can't just blame you, I have to blame myself for being so naive.

I, too, made the decison to meet up with you.

I let you have a part of me that no other guy ever got close to having.

Now I can't sleep at night because the thought of you lingers and you appear in my sleep.

All I can think about is your touch and scent, anything that can bring me back to that night.

Then I realize you never called or texted me back, guess it didn't mean as much to you.

All I wanted was to feel wanted but I got used.



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