The Feelings...


The hurt

The anger
The devastation
The thoughts and wonder ..
The feeling you hate getting but can't help but to feel
You wonder if there's anyone there for you
But after experiencing so much you decide to stop wondering
You want to feel like you have freedom or the right to be wanted
But you don't .. 
It's like you apply for a certain job and the opposite of you gets it
You try to think about why they didn't choose you
& You begin to question yourself 
Is it because of my skin color?
Or just basically how I look or represent myself?
You don't quite understand anything anymore
And you been let down so much til you don't quite know how to feel about some situations 
You've been pleasing people long enough just to fit in and you know that's not you
But you still do it just because you want to feel appreciative
You're not that person everyone see on the outside
Because that person on the inside just want to feel appreciated by people that will like them for them .


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