Mon, 09/24/2012 - 08:38 -- Griff91

The first time I saw Lizzy,
I knew she was the one,
And she had to be mine.

Her sad soulful eyes,
Her full pink lips,
How I longed to kiss those lips.

Her curly brown hair blew in the breeze,
She smiled at me,
That smile lit up my whole world.

Lizzy asked me my name,
She had the voice of an angel,
I stuttered "A-Alice".

Her laugh was so beautiful,
But not unkind,
It was a nervous laugh.

The angel told me her name,
A nervous smile touched her lips,
I blurted out my thought.

Lizzy’s lovely face froze,
Shock covering her features,
Then the clouds cleared.

Her cheeks reddened,
She told me I was beautiful,
My face flushed in response.

She held my face in her hands,
Brought my face down to her level,
Our lips met and I felt truly alive.

I wrapped my arms around her,
Her waist felt so tiny in my hands,
I never wanted to let her go.

Lizzy pulled away to whisper in my ear,
Her voice was so small and sweet,
She said it was love that we felt in that moment.

I grinned from ear to ear,
Told her I wanted to be with her forever,
She said nothing could ever keep us apart.

I told her she will always have my heart,
My angel told me I’ll always have hers,
The world never seemed so bright.

When I kissed her that day,
I felt whole for the first time,
Her love has forever changed me.

I shall love her all my life,
She said she would do the same,
I hope we live long enough to enjoy these feelings.



I wanted to write a happy love story. As soon as I thought that, the story of these two women came into my mind.


Love at first sight. How romantic. And I really like that you sort of stepped outside of the box and wrote about two women in love, rather than the traditional. It's really beautiful.


Thank you so much!

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