Nighttime Thoughts

I wish I knew where I was going, jumping on trampolines and through the gardens of my thoughts.


What I see in my mind just doesn’t always translate to the world reverted back through my eyes.


I hope to experience all those things that inspire me. Floating faded fruits and flourishing flowers.


I’d like to go where the clock tower falls silent to purchase a new plant with you. Maybe banana splits and piercings.


(Covers over my head, nighttime thoughts of the future lull me to sleep.)


The safety of doing nothing haunts me. Upon this tree covered cliff, I sit waiting for the stars to join me.


I wish I knew when to be alone. I feel upside-down but somehow, it’s charming.


At least I know that it is time to break from this fresh unwanted skin and follow.


Follow the things that used to make me feel original. To put away my fears of what others guess wrongly about me.


Pushing through deep green uncomforts I know that I am not deserted. Yet my brains just won’t let me think without internal earthquakes and more than rosy cheeks.


To look as soft as a cactus feels distracts the moments that don’t have to matter.


And this brings me back to being in that small little town with you. Maybe we can rewrite the lyrics by speaking over the music.


The exit is coming, I can’t read the sign, but I feel what it says.


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