Just A Friend

Thu, 05/09/2013 - 18:44 -- kajehe


United States
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Never could I expect the unimaginable outcome of that day
You see, on that very day
You took a journey through my eyes
And gazed on back to the inner side of my thighs
Just kidding
'Cause I’d never want to get intimate
At least not anytime soon
I wanna get to know you, on a deeper level
Right then and there, on that sunny afternoon
I don’t know how you did it
But you lured me in
With your kissable skin
And that God forsaken grin
And while we sat side by side, drinking boba together
I couldn’t help but think how gorgeous you looked in this beautiful weather
It’s like our eyes were magnetized
And my hips and my thighs needed to get closer to you
But I refuse
Refuse to accept the thought of you
Because all my mind would let me think of you
Is as a friend
A friend, and nothing more
So I broke the magnet and gazed onto the floor
And you did the same, so all that was left was unspoken words
But thoughts that still remain
I kept a little distance, but not too far away
Because I wanted to convey
Intellectual knowledge but also seduction for you to stay
And so we sat there, next to each other
Swapping vocals and laughs with one another
Deep down I wanted the conversation to go a little further
But for now
You’re just a friend


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