Living Everyone's Pain

When                                              my back hurts, 

It’s because          I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders,   

That is why    We must let others help with our problems.


When                                              my head hurts,

It’s because          I understand the world from everyone’s perspective,   

that is why     We must validate everyones’ experiences.


When                                              my eyes can’t see anymore,            

It’s because         I see everyone’s darkest fears emerging,           

that is why      We must face our fears. 


When                                              my feet are blistered,

It’s because         I walk several miles in shoes that don’t fit my feet,   

that is why     We must let others walk beside us.  


When                                              my ears are ringing,

It’s because         I can hear everyone screaming their quietest secrets’,    

that is why    We must listen to people.   


When                                              my words are strange,

It’s because         I speak everyone’s unspoken thoughts,     

that is why     We must calmly express what we feel. 


When                                          my heart is broken,

It’s because        I help people even when they say I deserve better                                  

that is why       I stand alone in this world living everyone’s [unacknowledged] pain.    

This poem is about: 
Our world


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