My story

Sun, 12/22/2013 - 10:00 -- Alacy01


My poems are like life stories now they tell what's really going down. Emotions, bundled up in a jar wishing I could throw them somewhere far. So much on my mind i don't know where to start. In this situation I cant just tell parts. Questions will be unanswered people will be confused. Well let me start with what got me screwed. .........................................

He did it! With his rough hands down my leg.Ten years old I just wanted to go to bed. But you took it from me and for that you are a bastard. And i understand you cant take it back your not Casper. But take responsibility for what you have done to me. You made it where I couldn't trust any male but my daddy. You hurt me!! We're suppose to be family and because of that I never told anybody what happen to me. Well im gay now and the families asking why? How bout you tell 'em, go ahead big guy? Tell them!! Tell them how you took my innocence. Tell them how I haven't been the same since. You lied to them, you told them everything was fine. Just know if you ever need help in life I wont throw you a dime.




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