Hell's Gates


501 Jackson Tavern way Great Falls, Va 22066
United States
39° 2' 0.5964" N, 77° 20' 58.3044" W
I have passed Hell's gates, demons are vile
I have sat silently in limbo
My eyes pried open to view a child
He is so little, like a small minnow
His lips are sewn shut, his eyes are gouged out
He can't even see, he can't even shout
He lies on hot coals, and flounders about
His limbs are swollen, as if he has gout
He stays so that on earth a snake may roam
Sometimes it descends to bind him like rope
And when the snake bites, his mouth it will foam
And yet he sits, told to abandon hope
I pull him out from feces and muck free
Calm down little boy, let's leave and heal thee


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This is very interesting!  When was it written?  Was this written for a class or an event?

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