They call me a gift

That when I was born i saved their life

That Nikolas has left 

6 months after the tragedy

That I was born with a responsibility

That I should be a light


Here I am now,

A woman, and still growing

I feel like I cause troubles

Enough to break the bonds

of trust between myself and my mother


Here I am now

A woman, and still growing

I feel like I've caused enough pain

To gray his hairs prematurely

That comes with rebellion against his will


What kind of daugher am I?

I want to be a good daughter

That all I have  is selfish

And the responsibility

Of keeping the light

Has ignited in heated anger

When criticized and blamed

As parents do when they want the best

for their child

Instead I reached out in rebellion

Tasted the wet dirt of street corner

With scars physical for life

Mental bruises unwanted

That they try to keep me from


What can I do to give them the best?

For everything they have done has built me to who I am for the future

That their love I will always miss

Nomatter how many miles away

I may stray


I have to grow up now

I want to let go

I want to search and explore



They raised me a lady

and a daughter they love


i'll be



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