My Old Self

Packin bowls and all I smell is loud 

My senses gotta be fucked

Since when can I see sound?

Dumbfound you have me 

Bruh I'm Not so grounded can we 

Talk about some other shit shall we?

High as fuck and ditched out on soudy

Brain like a slurpee freezin and cloudy 

I mask my fear with routy


I'm sorry shit can we just forget about it? And forget about this?

I'm so distinctive and particular with and about my shit

One day I'm sure I'll overdose on unknown toxins 

Never discovered and never to be copied 

I think I'm topping all my other raps with chocolate 

Flavored broccoli

Yeahhh I know at first you that was so scrumptious,

But now it's sounds disgustin 

I'm in ur mind fam Making reductions

And chillin with discussions about this hunch I've 

Been having 

I'm so outstanding and outlandish 

Quick with candid Atlantis 

It's so outdated and at last its 

Known in fairy tales and now that fairy tells us bullshit 

Once I pick up the pen

All you other artists forfeit 

I own it never condone it

Just pray for the moment and hope it's hits you like it's stonnin

Back to the Stone Age 

Mid-evil times 

My ease of rhyme does much more than redefine 

I'm seein eye to eye with 

All other alliances 

Clans and fucked up cult followins

Heart wallowin from what just happened 

It's really got me fucked up like 

What's up?

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